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It gives us great pleasure to help hardworking people find the jobs of their dreams. We accomplish this by offering resume and CV writing and design services as well as offering custom cover letter writing. Keep reading for more information on these services.

This is a partial list of our services for more information contact us:

Resume and CV Writing

It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional in your field or a new graduate looking for your first position. It also does not matter which industry you are in. The job market is extremely competitive and you need to have a professionally written resume or CV in order to get noticed. Many years ago, a professionally written resume was simply a nice thing to have. Today it is an absolute necessity. In fact, you can count on the fact that other applicants will be applying to the jobs that you want with professionally written resumes and CV. If you allow us to write your resume or CV for you, here is what we will do:

  • Hold a consultation session with you to review your experience, skill set, education, and goals
  • Review your current resume or CV
  • Discuss any potential challenges relating to your experience and job history and come up with solutions to those problems
  • Discuss design and structure options that are best fit your needs
  • Identify Keywords and Phrases that will make your resume or CV stand out
  • Select the fonts, colors, backgrounds, and themes for your resume or CV
  • Compose a resume or CV that is optimized for your industry

Once we are finished writing your resume or CV, it will be provided to you. At this point, you will likely find that the number of callbacks that you receive increase significantly. However, if you are still having problems, we do have options for making revisions.

Resume Design Services

You have a great job history, your skills are up to date, and your educational background is impressive. You resume is well-written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Yet, in spite of all this, recruiters and hiring managers aren’t responding when you apply for a job. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider using our resume design services. Did you know that many resumes are scanned through resume screening software before they are even read by a human being? This is because HR directors don’t want to waste time looking at resumes that do not contain certain keywords. In addition to this, content is only one important part of your resume. Structure, sequence, spacing, use of color, and font selection are also important. The proper use of these elements helps to create a resume that is eye catching and easy to read.

Custom Cover Letters

Many job seekers make the mistake of either omitting the cover letter, or creating a generic cover letter to be included with each resume or CV submission. This is a big mistake. We can write custom written cover letters that give a personal touch, and demonstrate that you have taken the time to personalize each message.

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