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Dissertation Writing Services – It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Dissertation research and writing can be a lonely 12-18 months for doctoral candidates. On the one hand, it is a relief that the coursework is over; on the other hand, the project looming ahead is going to require lots of lonely research and writing. 

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If this is where you are right now, you are understanding why other dissertation writers who have gone before you have experienced frustration, anxiety, and a good deal of stress. Of course, your advisor will provide some advice and counsel, but s/he will not be providing any research or writing help.

You can get exceptional research and writing help from Essay Republic, whether you need partial or full dissertation writing service all the way through to dissertation editing services.

Choose Your “Partner” Carefully

There are a lot of dissertation writing services out there, and all of them promise to produce an amazing piece of research and writing for you. Because you know what a dissertation entails, you know that you avoid those services that:

  • Promise full and original dissertations online, based upon a customer just submitting a topic, length, and deadline.
  • Promise an impossible deadline compliance
  • Cannot provide a Ph.D. researcher/writer with whom you will be working intimately

These are shortcuts that will be disastrous for you. Such services do not understand what dissertation production really involves.

Essay Republic Takes No Shortcuts

We are in the business of producing dissertations for our clients the right way. Here is how we operate:

  • A client contacts us and explains the type of dissertation help s/he needs.
  • We locate a Ph.D. consultant from the same research field to provide the help the client designates
  • We put the client and the dissertation writer into communication with one another. Together, they discuss what needs to be done, a timeline, and how they will work collaboratively to craft an amazing piece of work.

The Types of Dissertation Help You Can Request

Clients come to us in all stages of their dissertation work. Some need help with a single chapter; others need help with the entire work; still others may only request editing and proofreading. We do it all, and the client is in charge of the process. Here are the types of assistance you can request:

  1. Refinement of research question: This will be a short process, but a Ph.D. in the field will be able to fashion a research questions that will include all of the necessary elements.
  2. The Proposal. Institutions vary on the details, but, in general the proposal will have to be presented to the committee for approval. Using the guidelines of your department, your dissertation consultant will craft a proposal that will be approved the first time through.
  3. The Literature Review. A tedious and time-consuming task that many of our clients dislike. Your consultant will find the most relevant and current literature that relates to your study and craft an amazing chapter.
  4. The Methodology. This chapter is the “meat” of what you are doing. Here you are explaining the type of study, the participants/sampling, and the instruments you are using. You describe the implementation and report the data you have gathered. You understand that you will have to implement the study. You can then turn all of your data over, and your consultant will present it in graphic and prose form. You can also request help in creating your instruments.
  5. The Results/Analysis.  This is where the statistical analysis comes in. Your consultant can crunch all of the numbers using the appropriate formulae and present these results, showing the significance of your data.
  6. The Conclusion. This chapter requires solid organization, the answer to your research question and recommends types of future study. Your consultant has written many conclusion chapters before yours.
  7. The Introduction. You want to whet the appetite of your reader but not give away the results. It’s a tricky chapter, but not for your Essay Republic Ph.D.
  8. Editing/Proofreading. If you have already produced your dissertation but need a true field expert to provide a review and edit, we are your best bet.

Guarantees and Benefits

When you buy dissertation help from Essay Republic, you will enjoy the following:

  • Complete confidentiality. We never disclose the identities of our clients to any third party, and personal information is protected by firewalls and the latest security systems.
  • All research and writing is original and authentic. You will not find so much as a single plagiarized sentence.
  • You will have total access to your writer.
  • We provide progressive payments and delivery for our dissertation clients.
  • We guarantee revisions until you reach the point of satisfaction.
  • You set the deadlines, and they will be met

Don’t Be Lonely

Yes, writing a dissertation can be a lonely project. But it does not have to be. You can have the help and support of a personal consultant from your research field. And understand that getting the help and support you need is not admitting failure – it is the rare student who does not get help on this project. It’s just the smart thing to do.

Get in touch today – you’ll have the best help in the industry.

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