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You’ve worked hard to keep up your grades; you’ve been involved in clubs and organizations at school and in the community; you have a decent score on your ACT or SAT. Now, you are ready to apply to the colleges of your choice. And then it hits. You have to write an essay. You forgot all about that essay. And there are prompts for that essay; and you have to be really creative; and you have to be certain that the grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, and other things like commas are all perfect. Yikes!

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Why That College Application Essay is Really Important

Here’s the thing: Students all across your state or the country are applying to the same colleges as you. They have been keeping their grades up; they have been involved in clubs and organizations; they have qualifying scores on ACT and SAT tests. They “look” very much like you on paper. So, with only so many slots open, how does n admissions committee decide between you and the others? Sometimes, it really does come down to that application essay. And the winner(s)? Those that are perfectly written, creative, and completely engaging from start to finish.

With so much riding on a single essay, you cannot afford to blow this off. And if you have any concerns at all about your skills in producing a perfectly stunning essay, you need to come to the admission essay writing services at

The Complexities of Admissions Essay Writing

There are so many considerations when a student sets about writing the admissions essay.

  1. Choosing the Prompt: If you use the common application, there are 5 options from which to choose for an essay topic. Each one is unique. If your school of choice has its own essay topics, again, there is usually a choice among a few. In order to choose the right prompt for you, it will take careful analysis of each prompt and a real understanding of what is being asked. One of the biggest errors that students make is not staying on topic or mis-interpreting the questions and writing an essay that is “off track.”

When you use the college essay writing service of, though, you will be working with a creative English writing expert who is familiar with all of the common essay prompts and can analyze all others, so that there will be no issues of topic meaning and staying on topic.

  1. Determining a Thesis: Once the prompt has been chosen, there will be a great deal of brainstorming involved in coming with all details of your life that relate specifically to the topic. And then, of course, the weeding out and combining of detail to come up with 3-4 sub-topics, each of which will require development in a paragraph. While an admissions essay is a subjective and personal piece of writing, there has to be some objectivity in deciding what to include. Students tend to want to cram everything they can into such an essay to show how wonderful they really are. In fact, being more selective allows more in-depth coverage and the ability to really tell a great story. The “point” of that story will be your thesis.

If you get a true expert from our admission essay writing service, you will get someone who can do that weeding and combining for you. S/he will use the most important and compelling detail to develop a great thesis for you.

  1. Telling Your Story: Your “story” must be told in a creative and compelling way. You want those readers to be completely engaged and to finish your essay knowing that it is one they will remember. Whether your approach is humorous, poignant, or shocking, it must be memorable. This takes creativity – creativity that not all students have. Our essay writers, however, have that creativity. In fact they are employed specifically because they have demonstrated it over and over again, on a daily basis, as they craft amazing essays for students like you.
  2. Grammar and Composition Perfection: This is the fourth consideration when creating an application essay. There cannot be one mis-spelled word, not one awkward sentence, not one comma out of place. These types of errors are distractions, and your readers will lose sight of the stunning content by focusing on errors instead. Our writers deliver perfection.

Our College Application Essay Writing Service Gets Results

Time and time again, we her from thrilled students – they are thrilled with their essays, and they are thrilled that they have been accepted to the college of their choice. Here is how you can get the perfect application essay from

  • Access our order form and fill it out. If you know the prompt you plan to use, type it into the box for “additional instructions.” If you are not sure, don’t worry about it. Your writer can help you select the perfect one.
  • Once you have submitted your order, we will assign a creative writer from our application essay department to you. And you will be given a personal account page that you will use to speak with your writer directly.
  • You and your writer will collaborate as this essay is crafted. You will provide detail that you believe relates to the topic. Your writer will ask many questions of you, in order to ferret out even things you may have overlooked.
  • As your writer is working, additional questions may come up. You must check your account daily so that you can receive messages and respond.
  • You will receive drafts of your essay for review. Review them carefully and be certain that you are happy with the writing or request any changes you want. Your writer will not stop until you have exactly what you want.
  • If you have multiple essays, that is no problem. You can use the same writer or request a different one for each essay.

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