Medium school life hacks minimizing your stress
February 05, 2017
School Life-Hacks: Minimizing Your Stress

Leaving home to go to college begins with excitement and joy. However, after a few weeks a reality sets in that many students did not anticipate. You are living alone and although you have roommates you are still living alone.

Medium calligraphy style writing can i do it
January 30, 2017
Calligraphy Style Writing: Can I do it?

There is concern over the need to teach cursive writing in today’s schools. With increased use of typing while using computers, many find that handwriting is not being used or is as useful as it was in the past.

Medium dating in college the beautiful ugly truth
January 15, 2017
Dating in College: The Beautiful Ugly Truth

There is no doubt that many people are in relationships that have lasted a lifetime with those that they have met in college. One of the most lasting and loving of these being the relationship between husband and wife.

Medium 3d place
December 20, 2016
Essay Republic Writing Contest 3rd Winner's Essay

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a well-known phrase that has been attributed to Plato. A good variation of this quote might be, “Success is in the eye of the beholder.” What is success to one may not be to another, but if we dig deep into those people whom society considers successful, we find that it is certainly much more than wealth and fame.

Medium 2nd place
December 20, 2016
Essay Republic Writing Contest 2nd Winner's Essay

During their time of living on campus many students are told to focus on different things. Their homework, making lots of new friends, and their performance levels in class are just a few examples. The list goes on and on, and nobody never seems to be told the same thing twice.

Medium 1st place
December 20, 2016
Essay Republic Writing Contest Winner's Essay

When I was in high school, there was a friend in our “clique” whose nickname was “4.0 Marge.” Actually, it should have been “4.5 Marge,” because by the time she finished those AP courses, that was probably more accurate. She was the dream kid – every teacher loved having her in their classes...

Medium 5 bizarre facts head
December 09, 2016
15 Bizarre facts about Christmas

Decorating Christmas Tree, sending holiday cards and presents, listening to Christmas carols, leaving cookies out for Santa, – all these Christmas traditions signify the beginning of the Xmas holidays.

Medium contest er  1
October 18, 2016
Essay Writing Contest

Essay Republic welcomes all of our readers to practice their craft and get a chance to win some money. If you feel like you’re a great writer and your essay fits all our criteria, then you’re likely eligible for this writing contest. Choose your topic. Write an essay. Submit before deadline… and don't forget to be creative!

Medium online privacy
September 15, 2016
Online Privacy

Sharing information on social media, making a purchase on e-commerce sites and other activities we do online come with the risk of having our private accounts hacked or using our information for illegal activities.
With all these tools and emerging technologies, it is now easier for individuals, corporations and even the government to spy on our daily activities or collect our personal information.

Medium low budget travelling
September 07, 2016
Low-budget Travelling

The wanderlust bug has bitten people from different walks of life, and social media seem to help spread the virus. Traveling may be easy to some, but too hard for people who only live from paycheck to paycheck. The good news is that you do not need to be rich to be able to travel. It is possible to see the world without breaking your bank.




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