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Posted: September 07, 2016 - to Tips
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The wanderlust bug has bitten people from different walks of life, and social media seem to help spread the virus. Traveling may be easy to some, but too hard for people who only live from paycheck to paycheck. The good news is that you do not need to be rich to be able to travel. It is possible to see the world without breaking your bank.

Watch out for promos and cheap deals

Sign-up for airlines and travel agencies’ mailing lists, and you’ll be one of the firsts to know about their latest promos and deals.

Make the most out of your credit cards

Most credit cards offer miles or rewards point system when you charge your plane fares to your card. These rewards can be used to avail of discounts or even free flights once you accumulated the required point. You can also shop where your card is affiliated to get discounts and save money.

Consider staying with the locals

Accommodation is probably the biggest expense when you travel. It has been a common practice to book and stay in a fancy hotel when you travel, because it somehow completes the feeling of being on vacation. However, people are becoming more practical by choosing other options with cheaper prices.

Applications like Airbnb are changing the travel game by offering tourists better and cheaper accommodation options while providing income and exposure to local home/apartment owners by listing their properties for lease on their site.

Another benefit of staying with the locals is that they know the perfect places to get what you are looking for. You’ll get tips on how you can maximize your stay.

Travel in groups

Travel agencies can make it possible to get large groups discounts on travel. You can travel with friends or join other groups. Not only will you get to see the city in a more affordable price, you also get to enjoy it with friends or other people on tour.

Walk or hitchhike

Walking is a great way to discover a place or city you are visiting for the first time. You’ll get to see the sights and observe the people for free. Hitchhiking is also a good idea.

They say the best way to explore a city is to get lost in it. Well, you can get lost on purpose, but you must also exercise caution and always have a back up plan just to be on a safer side.

Work on the road, abroad or in tourism industry

Some people who love to travel choose to work in tourism industry to be able to fulfill their dream while earning money. Consider jobs in cruise ships or airlines. Cabin crews travel for free and with added benefits like insurance, hotel accommodations and allowances.

Freelancers and bloggers enjoy the convenience of not having to work a regular nine to five for a company. They can achieve the work-life balance by working online while traveling. All they need is a computer to get their work done, and maybe to check which destination is the perfect place to go to next.

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