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Dissertations are the most difficult pieces of research and writing that students will complete. In fact, they are the last research projects before getting that Ph.D. which will virtually finish their student careers.

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I Need Help with My Dissertation. Essay Republic, Write it for Me!

Writing your dissertation can create lots of anxiety and stress. Why? Because, though you may have a perfect research question and methodology, and though you have completed your study and gathered the data, you now have to translate all of the work to an impeccable piece of writing.

When Essay Republic gets calls for help on dissertations, these are the common statements/pleas we get.

  1. “I need help with my dissertation literature review”

The literature review is probably the least “tasteful” part of producing a dissertation. It takes a lot of time and can involve studying a lot of literature that turns out not to be relevant enough to include. And going down “dead ends” is just the first part of the frustration.

Once enough relevant literature is found, there is then the task of synthesizing that research into a chapter that summarizes it all and shows its importance to your research.

An Essay Republic Ph.D. writer in your research field can take this task on for you. This pro doesn’t have to go down any dead-ends, because s/he is already familiar with the literature and can pull those pieces that are most relevant and current. With lots of experience writing literature reviews for others, writing one for you will be an easily handled task.

  1. “Can you do my dissertation methodology chapter?”

This chapter sets out to explain your research design, why you chose this design and instruments, how you proceeded to implement that design, and the data that you collected.

Many of our clients have completed their research but are tearing their hair out trying to write it up in an organized and scholarly way.

We get it. As bright and as capable as PhD. students are, many are just not good writers. In fact, only a minority of all college students write well enough to meet the expectations of their professors. Many of them get help from friends and family. But a dissertation? That kind of help requires another Ph.D. scholar.

And a Ph.D. scholar is just what you will get at Essay Republic. Your consultant/writer will have a Ph.D. in your research field; s/he will have produced many methodology chapters for many students like you.

Just submit all of your paperwork, your design, your data, etc. and let your consultant go to work on that chapter. You’ll get a great piece of writing that will surely impress your advisor and committee.

  1. “Can you do the statistical analysis for my results/discussion chapter?”

Ph.D. candidates who are not math or science majors struggle with mathematically analyzing all of their data, in order to show the significance of the results. This chapter requires a strong understanding of statistics, how data must be “crunched” and which formulae to use. All of these results must then be presented in both visual and prose forms. It’s a tall order but any call to “write my dissertation”, any part or all of it, can be accomplished by the scholars at Essay Republic.

  1. “Can you write my dissertation for me quickly?”

We are able to take on very urgent writing tasks. Can we do your dissertation in just a few hours? No, and any writing service that promises this is a fraud. How quickly we can get it done depends upon how much work you have already done, what information and data you can provide. Fortunately, if you are in the midst of your dissertation work, you have a great deal of stuff to upload to your consultant. The more you have, the faster the writing will go.

Your consultant will work as quickly as possible and provide you with progressive delivery, so that you can review and approve each section or chapter as it is finished. Your job is to review it and respond quickly. Together, you and your consultant can meet those urgent deadlines.

  1. “I need someone to write my thesis.”

This is also a common request. The same Ph.D. consultants that assist with dissertations are also available for thesis work for any student, in any topic area. 

We understand that the terms thesis and dissertation are sometimes interchangeable. In the U.S., for example, a thesis is the culminating project for a Master’s degree and a dissertation for a Ph.D. In the UK, on the other hand, a dissertation is the project for a Master’s and a thesis for a Ph.D.

At Essay Republic, it does not matter what you need to call it. You need only provide the details and the requirements and let us get to work for you.

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