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Additional Services – We Have Them All is best known for producing exceptional essays and papers for students from high school through graduate studies. We want you to know, though, that we also provide a long list of other products and services, many of which you may need during your schooling. Here is an explanation of these additional services.

This is a partial list of our services for more information contact us:

Editing and Proofreading

When you produce a piece of writing for a grade, you know that you will be graded on your grammar and composition as well as your content. And if you have concerns about your composition skills, you will need an editor/proofreader – someone with strong English skills to review and correct your errors. Essay Republic has an entire department of editors and proofreaders – English experts who can provide a complete review of anything you have written. They will examine your organization structure, your logical flow, your transitions, you sentence structure, vocabulary and style. You will get back a piece of writing that is fully polished and ready to submit.

Term Papers

Students know that we do an exceptional job in producing research papers on any topic. Some instructors/professors, however, are still assigning the more traditional “term paper.” This project can be a bit “foreign” to students who are unsure about how it is to be produced. We have the experts who can create a term paper for any course you are taking.

Book Reports/Book Reviews/Movie Reviews

There is a large difference between book reports and book reviews. Book reports involve summaries and rather objective information, such as setting, plot and characters, and a statement about your opinion of the book. A book review, on the other hand, generally focuses on an analysis of some aspect – themes, character analyses, and so forth. Students who do not understand the difference, who have not had time to read the book, and/or who have run out of time, can call upon writers to get these done, even on short notice. Movie reviews also require analysis, although many of the elements are quite different. A movie is a visual representation of a story or a documentary – elements of performance, special effects, truthfulness, and themes are all things that may require analysis. Our movie critics are professionals who have been writing reviews for years.

The Case Study

This is becoming an ever more popular assignment and may take the place of research papers and projects in many courses. They are often assigned in business, sociology, education, psychology, and economics courses. And, they are becoming increasingly accepted for theses and dissertations. Case studies are complex pieces of research and writing, and they involve a lot of in-depth study of a single organization, individual, family, etc. Many students do not have experience with case studies. Fortunately, we have content-field experts with Master’s and Ph.D.’s who have produced a large number of case studies in their academic areas. One of them can produce a stunning one for you.

Lab Report

Most students completed lab reports in high school biology, chemistry and physics courses. They developed hypotheses, conducted experiments, and wrote up the results. At the college level, lab reports are far more complex and require not just literature reviews and hypotheses but statistical analysis of results. These documents are lengthy and scholarly in every sense of the world. If you are tasked with a lab report, and you are struggling, contact us for an academic scholar in your field of science who can help you produce the perfect lab report.

Article Critique

Reading scholarly articles and analyzing them involve a couple of things – really solid understanding of what is being said and an analysis of the credentials of the authors, the validity of any research involved, and the credibility of the opinions that are put forth. If you are out of time or totally uninterested in an article, let one of our content specialist provide that critique for you.


Particularly in the fields of math and science, there are often coursework assignments that are so challenging and so complex that they takes days to complete. Often, as well, students are just lost in the process, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they made a calculation error early on and, several pages later, must now go back and try to find that error. Frustration is compounded by a deadline that probably won’t be met. That deadline can be met if you contact us and get a personal math or science expert to take that problem or problem set, work it through, explain how it was solved, and get it to you in time.

Speeches, Presentations, and PowerPoints

Giving a speech or presentation can be pretty stressful, because most students do not prepare a lot of them. However, Essay Republic has oral communication specialists who can write a speech or presentation on any topic and, as well, create powerful slides if you need them. For engaging, compelling and dynamic oral presentations, get one of our exceptional and creative writers.

There is no need for you to stress over any type of academic assignment. can give you all of the help you may need, no matter the assignment and no matter what the urgency. And all of this will be done in total confidence. Further, we guarantee non-plagiarized content, meeting your deadline, and your complete satisfaction with what you receive. Get in touch with us today - you will be thrilled you chose Essays Republic.

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