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Article critiques are, possibly, among the most common types of assignments university students need to deliver. This kind of paper is meant to analyze an article critically, but that doesn’t mean the approach should be a negative one.

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What Makes an Excellent Article Critique?

Article critiques are, possibly, among the most common types of assignments university students need to deliver. This kind of paper is meant to analyze an article critically, but that doesn’t mean the approach should be a negative one. To be more precise, such a paper should include the pros and cons of a written piece.

Teachers assign students this type of articles because it shapes their critical and objective thinking. Plus, it requires the student to research the topic before beginning to write the piece. That is just an insignificant part of what makes an excellent paper. Let’s have a closer look at what a teacher expects from such a task.

Article critique guidelines

When a teacher asks a student to deliver the paper, he/she expects him/her to do more than summarize the chosen piece. A summary merely reports the information mentioned in a text, answering the simple question – “what does the text talk about?”. On the other hand, though, an article critique should interpret, analyze, and evaluate a text, asking intriguing questions related to the topic. Thus, the student is supposed to analyze and offer personal insights.

Before starting to write such a piece, one should comprehend the author’s point of view, and the arguments he/she uses to support his/her mindset. One should also pay attention to the evidence the author brings to support the concepts in the text. One must thoroughly evaluate the piece – are the facts accurate? Is the text clearly organized and easy to read? Are the arguments relevant for supporting the central point of view? These are only a few examples of questions the student should ask before delivering such a complex academic paper.

Research plays a pivotal role in crafting a well-written article critique. For instance, the student should always consider the author’s interpretation of other pieces, in this way getting acquainted with his/her work. One should dig deep – using existing knowledge, educated opinions and any other sources that are helpful in this direction.

However, many students may fall into the trap of letting other people’s point of view speak for themselves. Over-sourcing an article can become problematic the moment the arguments are repetitive and irrelevant. Also, one should bear in mind that this paper doesn’t have to be neither entirely negative nor entirely positive. One must aim at writing the piece in an objective manner, using a well-reasoned tone.

The introduction to an article critique should outline the student’s argument, being no more than two-paragraph long. The purpose should be stated explicitly, but this is not the place for providing evidence of the writer's opinion. The following sections that come in the main body should encompass relevant proof of the critique. The conclusion should summarize the argument developed in the analysis and suggest future implications.

Apart from that, one should inform the reader in what way the review was helpful for the discipline it was completed. One should aim at demonstrating the importance of the written paper, without overreacting, of course. Students must also avoid writing an article critique that seems like a summary; this will only disappoint the teacher and get them a bad grade. is the solution to your problems!

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