Welcome to We are an online writing service seeking to help busy students, job seekers, and business owners and marketing professionals. All of our writing, editing, and proofreading services are conducted by professional writers and editors who are both degreed and experienced. Each document that we complete for our customers is original, well-researched, double checked for accuracy, and comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer.

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This is a partial list of our services for more information contact us:

Academic Writing Services

Every year, we help hundreds of busy, hardworking students with important writing assignments. It is always our pleasure to help students with these assignments in an effort to help them maintain successful academic records. Our student clients come from a variety of backgrounds and demographic groups including the following:

  • Single Parents
  • Honors Students
  • ESL Students
  • Working Mothers and Fathers
  • Graduate Students
  • First Year Students
  • Students With Learning Disabilities
  • Student Athletes

These students come to us for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • They are juggling many rigorous courses
  • They have to balance work and school
  • They have school activities that are interfering with their ability to keep up with assignments
  • They have family obligations
  • They need additional time to get up to speed academically
  • They are hard-working students who simply need a break

We offer students the following academic writing services:

  • Custom Essays Research Paper and Term Papers
  • Thesis and Dissertation Consultation Services
  • Lab Reports
  • Movie and Book Reviews
  • Research Summaries
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Research Summaries
  • Academic Coursework
  • Problem Solving
  • Case Studies
  • Research Proposals
  • Lab Reports
  • Reaction Papers
  • Articles
  • Critiques
  • Book Reports
  • Proof Finding
  • Optimization
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Rewriting

Every document is written to order by a professional academic writer who has a degree and experience in a related academic field. In addition to this, we take the time to match each order to a writer who has completed obtained a degree level higher than the course the student is taking. Each paper that we provide to students is completely original, checked for plagiarism, and goes through our quality assurance process to ensure that it is written to the highest academic standards. We back each of our academic papers with a guarantee of originality, and a promise to revise any document for free until it meets the standards of the student placing the order.

Admissions Services

Before students can become successful graduates, they must first do two things. They must be accepted at the school of their choice, and they must find a way to fund the cost of their education. We have formed our Admissions Services team to help students accomplish both. This team works hard to provide students with three services. These are:

  • Admissions Essay Writing Services
  • Personal Statement Writing Services
  • Scholarship Essay Writing Services

Admissions essays are included in most college application packets. They give admissions staff at each school an opportunity to get to know the student applicants better, and to determine whether or not a student is a good fit. A great admissions essay reveals a student’s personality, dreams, character, and interests. When applying to schools where there is a competitive admissions process, it is crucial to have a polished and well-written admissions essay. It can really mean the difference between receiving an acceptance letter, being wait-listed, or worse, being rejected. Unfortunately, most students find themselves facing the difficult task of writing admissions essays during one of the busiest times of their lives, their senior year in high school. It can difficult enough taking SATs, preparing for graduation, keeping up with coursework, and visiting colleges without adding a major writing assignment to the mix. The good news is that we have professional writers who are willing to step in and help students compose admissions essays that are just what admissions counselors want to see.

Personal Statements are a written document that outline why a student would be a good fit for a particular graduate program. They reflect a student’s experience, academic accomplishments, interests, and passion for their field. Our writers can help students in any academic field prepare a personal statement that reflects professionalism, and a desire to become an asset in their field of choice.

Scholarship essays are commonly required by organizations offering free money for students to apply towards tuition and expenses. Many students are unaware that there are thousands of dollars in scholarship money made available each year, and that a good portion of that money is never given away simply because nobody applies for it. We encourage all students to research scholarships that might apply to them. Then, if they find them, we encourage them to allow us to write their scholarship essays for them, so their chances of receiving funds are even greater.

Resume Cover Letter and CV Writing Services

Another of the services that we are happy to provide impacts job seekers. Our Job Services team assists people in their search for the ideal job by providing the following services

  • Resume Design
  • Resume and CV Writing Services
  • Custom Cover Letter Writing

Resume Design is a service that we offer in one of two ways. First, if somebody hires us to write their resume or CV, that includes our design services. In addition to this, we can also revise and restructure existing resumes so they are modern looking, polished, and meet the latest criteria. Resume design has many benefits including:

  • Use of Keywords to Catch The Eye of HR Professionals and Resume Screening Software
  • Use of Fonts, Colors, and Other Elements to Make The Resume Stand Out When Others do Not
  • Use of Structure and Sequence to Ensure That The Job Seeker is Painted in The Best Light Possible
  • Use of Visuals When Applicable

Resume and CV Writing Services allow us to help job seekers by providing them with professionally resumes and CV. It is extraordinarily important, that people looking for work in high paying, competitive fields have resumes that have been written and designed by professional writers. Our professional resume and CV writers know what HR directors and recruiters want to see on a resume, and they can portray any job seeker in a way that reflects professionalism and experience.

Custom Written Cover Letters are a small but very important part of any resume submission. Job seekers who work with our writers can opt to have a cover letter written for them for each position they pursue. Many of our clients find that this significantly boosts their chances of receiving interview callbacks.

Copywriting Services

If you are the owner or marketing director or a small or medium sized business, you understand the importance of content marketing to grow your business.  Unfortunately, you may not have the time to produce the content that keeps traffic coming to your website, blog, or social media pages. This is where we can help. We offer services that include blogging, article writing, social media postings, email marketing campaigns, and web content writing. Our fresh, relevant, and custom written content is just what you need to improve SEO, attract new customers, and get people answering your calls to action. In addition to this, we also write proposals, press releases, and other business related documents.


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