Frequently Asked Questions about the Products We Offer

What types of writing do you do?

We create writing products of all types – for students, for career professionals, and for businesses.

For Students:  Students at all academic levels of study come to us for essays, papers, projects, presentations, book and movie reviews, analyses, case studies, lab reports, coursework assistance and more. We have yet to find a student need that we cannot meet with our exceptional team of researchers and writers. This includes capstone projects for grad students as well.

For Career Pros: We have an entire department devoted to designing and crafting resumes, CV’s and cover letters. All of this work is customized for the position opportunities and for the organizations to which a candidate may be applying. Job seekers will find no better place to have the perfect documents created.

For Businesses: Whether a business professional needs a report, a plan, a proposal, a press release, or any other marketing materials, we have the business writers for the task. And for e-commerce, we provide website design and development, social media profiles, and compete content marketing programs and campaigns.  

Do you write for all academic study levels?

Yes we do. Our academic writers have all levels of degrees, so that we can accommodate all academic level. If you are a high school student, you will receive a personally assigned writer with at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject field. Undergrad students will have a writer with at least a Master’s degree; and grad students will have researchers and writers with Ph.D.’s in their specialty fields.

How long does it take to get a research paper?

No matter what type of writing a customer orders, we require that s/he gives us a deadline time and date. Fortunately, we have researchers and writers who know their subjects and who know just where to go to get the resources that are required and to produce essays and papers, etc. rapidly. Their expertise and their backgrounds enable them to meet even the most urgent of deadlines. To date, we have never had to turn away any customer because a deadline could not be met.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Policies and Procedures

What do you do about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not an issue at EssayRepublic.net. First, we have a zero-tolerance policy for it, and all of our writers are well aware of this policy. Second, we insist that our writers begin every project from scratch, so that it is unique and fully customized for each customer’s needs. Third, we use a very sophisticated software scan to check every sentence and every paragraph of every piece of writing that is produced in our name. Not one sentence of any product we deliver will ever be plagiarized. Count on it!

What do you do if I am not happy with what I receive?

We have a very clear revision policy to address this issue. In general, if you are not happy, you let your writer and customer support know. You also tell us what you want changed. In most instances, revisions are free, if they do not change the original order you placed. For example, if you want more detail on a specific section of a research paper, we will do that for free. If, however, you want more resources used than were in your original order, there will be a charge for that. Whatever the case, we complete revisions quickly so that your deadline is not impacted.

If I pay by credit card, how do you ensure security?

Like all major retailers, we use a payment processor – an organization that is not connected with our site. This processor is the same one used by most major retailers on the web. It has the SSL certifications required for full security, and your financial information is encrypted and secured by this processors. As of this date, we have never had a breach of credit/debit card security.

Do you respect my privacy?

When you place an order with us, you will need to provide certain personal information. This is necessary because we do need to get in touch with our customers. You will be asked to provide your full name, you email address, and a contact phone number. This information is immediately encrypted in our system, and you are given a customer number. Your personal information is secured by strong firewalls, and you have our guarantee, through our Privacy Policy, that we will never divulge the names of our clients to any third party. The only exception to this steadfast rule is if there is a fraud investigation. In these cases, we will cooperate with legal authorities. Our customers have full anonymity when they use our service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Pricing

How do you price your work?

We have a pricing structure that is available on our website. Our pricing is based upon the type of product you order, your academic level, the length of the piece, the amount of research involved, and the deadline that you provide. For professional and business writing, our structure is somewhat different. No matter what a customer may order, the price will be calculated during the ordering process, and that final price will not change. We have no hidden or extra fees that we add on during the production process. The only changes in pricing will occur if the customer changes his/her order while in process. You will know the price of your order before you submit it and make payment. Given the level of expertise of our writing staff, we believe that we are one of the most reasonable writing services in the industry.

Are prices ever negotiable?

For basic products and services, we believe that it is only fair that all customer be treated equally. The only exception to this policy is in the event that a customer orders a highly complex and very lengthy product, such as a doctoral dissertation. Because this type of product involves lots of collaboration, progressive delivery and a payment plan, we do negotiate individualized pricing. These types of work generally do not “fit” within our basic payment structure.

Is there any way to lower my cost?

Yes, there is. We have a discount structure, and all of our clients are urged to take advantage of it. The discount plan is published on our site. All new customers receive a welcome discount for their first order. Then, as customers remain with us and continue to place orders, we want to show our appreciation through loyalty discounts. We urge you to check out our discount plan. And at certain times throughout the year, we do offer special sale pricing, so be certain to check our site for these special offers.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Staff

Are your writers really qualified?

The short answer is yes. We have a rigorous screening and employment process which most other writing services do not have. We review transcripts and degrees of all applicants. We subject them to testing and to the creation of an original piece of writing in the fields in which they wish to write. We place each one in a pool of writers based upon their degree fields and their degree levels. Our writers are all native English-speaking and all have degrees from accredited institutions – Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.’s. They are only assigned to customer orders based upon their qualifications and backgrounds. We continually seek to add to our professional writing staff as curricular areas evolve.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or a problem?

Our customer support staff members are some of the finest people in the industry. We train them well, and they are committed to providing the best customer service there is. We also “man” this department 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can phone, email, message, or live chat at any time. We welcome your questions and we will be rapid in our response to any issue or problem you may have. We want our customer to be totally satisfied with our products and services, and our customer support department exists for this goal.

Do you provide just editing and proofreading services?

Absolutely, we do. Our editors are some of the finest in the industry. And, if your work is highly technical in nature, we will provide an editor/proofreader with the appropriate degree in the specific field of your topic. So, if you want a dissertation in biology edited, you will receive a Ph.D. biologist for that task.

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