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If you are an existing customer who is working with us on a writing project, you are already receiving our proofreading services. However, did you know that we are also happy to proofread anything that you have written? Keep reading to learn more!

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If you are an existing customer who is working with us on a writing project, you are already receiving our proofreading services. However, did you know that we are also happy to proofread anything that you have written? Keep reading to learn more!

Why is Proofreading Important?

Nobody, even the most well trained writer has perfect spelling, grammar, or mechanics. In spite of this, in our day to day communications, we are able to look past typos, spelling errors, and other mistakes. Unless the mistakes are constant and egregious, or they make the person's writing completely impossible to discern, most of us are pretty accepting.

This all changes when you are trying to communicate something via a business or academic document. This is when okay becomes no longer good enough. What may be okay in a personal, social media post or text to a friend is no longer acceptable if you are trying to make a sale or demonstrate to a professional that you are serious about your academic field.

How do You Know if You Need Proofreading Help

Mark Twain remains one of the most influential writers of the past two centuries. In fact, if you haven't read his books, you are probably familiar with his humor and a few of his essays. What you may not know is that Mark Twain (AKA Samuel Clemons) was also known among his peers to be an absolute taskmaster when it came to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In fact, Twain used to correct the works of his writing peers and return it to them. Does this mean that Twain was petty or unfairly judgmental? Of course not! Twain simply understood that  these things truly impact the efficacy of ones writing, and he was passionate enough to provide that type of intervention.

If you are wondering if you need proofreading help, just ask yourself one question. Do I want to be a better writer? If the answer is yes, you need proofreading services. Here is the good news. We can provide these services to you so that your work impresses your audience whether they are your instructor, a customer, or a potential investor.

About Our Editors And Proofreaders

If you allow us to proofread any of your documents, you will work with a member of our quality assurance team who specializes in editing and proofreading documents. We believe that you will find these members of the team to be dedicated, professional, kind, and eager to help you make sure that the final copy of your document is absolutely perfect.

Here is How we Proof Read Your Documents

Each of our proofreaders takes a slightly different approach to their job. However, in spite of this, there are a few areas on which all of our proofreaders focus. Here is what they are.

  • Spelling Grammar and Punctuation
    • Your proofreader will work hard and comb through your document to insure that your readers will not be distracted or otherwise put off by technical errors.
  • Inclusive and Culturally Sensitive Language
    • For some, this may be a relatively new thing, but in reality it has been a long time in the making. Your proofreader will work with you to determine who your audience is, and then will adjust your writing to make sure that all of your readers feel included in your writing. They will do this by focusing on proper use of pronouns and by pointing out language that may be unintentionally offensive to specific groups. Is Always Eager to Help You

If you are in need of proofreading services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our amazingly detail oriented editors and proofreaders will help you to make sure that your documents are well written, edited, and thoroughly checked for any mistakes.  If you are in need of other services, don't  wait! Let us know today! We welcome the chance to edit, proofread, or otherwise help you with your document before you are finished with it.

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