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Academic research courses play a significant role during a student’s school years. Students have to carry out numerous laboratory reports delivered as a result of lab experiments. These tasks are meant to sharpen the student’s research and analytical skills.

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Academic research courses play a significant role during a student’s school years. Students have to carry out numerous laboratory reports delivered as a result of lab experiments. These tasks are meant to sharpen the student’s research and analytical skills. After the lab experiment is over, one is expected to complete the report that indicates the way in which the study was useful in comprehending the subject much better. Thus, what should such a report include?

Crafting a lab report that will get you an A+

A great lab report is much more than presenting data. On the contrary, it should demonstrate the student's comprehension of the research data. The purpose of his task is to be a source of knowledge to those who wish to or already work in the same project.

Thus, it’s clear that only recording the data is certainly not enough – and that won’t get you an A+. Students should identify specific features, and explain them in relation to the experiment.

When it come to the title of the piece, it should be more creative than merely the name of the operation. A good title should be short, concise, informative, yet engaging. The title is followed by an abstract, which should summarize the key aspects of the report. Also, it should include a brief reference to the methodology used. Typically, the information contained in the abstract should convince the reader to keep reading the report.

The introductory chapter outlines the objective of the report. At the same time, it should provide the reader with background information on the research. Plus, the introduction should justify the significance of the experiment. A student should also consider mentioning a comprehensive list of the methods and equipment used in delivering the report.

The experimental procedure explains the process in chronological order. The student should craft this section as clearly a possible. The results typically consist of figures, tables, and calculations. Even so, one still needs to outline the significant results in verbal form.

The discussion section is, certainly, the most important part of the lab report. Through this section, the student should demonstrate that he/she comprehends the research study. Typically, this should answer the following question – “what is the importance of the result?”. One should feel free to analyze and interpret here. At the same time, the students should mention and further investigate the limitations of the experiment. That applies in the context in which the student has created the object of research. The results should be thoroughly explained in relation to the theoretical issues. One might also compare the thesis with other similar investigations.

And lastly, the conclusion should be concise and to the point. There’s no use to elaborate on this section. One needs to outline the significance of the report and suggest further research on the matter. At the end of the report, one shouldn’t miss to include references, which should be organized after a particular pattern. Also, the appendices section must contain information concerning the calculations, raw data, graph pictures and so on.

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Even though classes should be interesting and filled with new information, many teachers fail to attract the students by adopting a new approach when it comes to writing. Plus, as one can clearly notice, writing a lab report is a complex job. In spite of that, students are expected to deliver lab reports in time. It requires deep analytical thinking, research-based knowledge as well as organization skills.

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