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If you are a voracious reader, the idea of writing a book review for a college assignment might seem quite appealing. This may be even more true if you already write reviews on Amazon or for websites like Goodreads.

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If you are a voracious reader, the idea of writing a book review for a college assignment might seem quite appealing. This may be even more true if you already write reviews on Amazon or for websites like Goodreads. After all, who doesn't like to discuss the good and bad points of the latest book they've read? Unfortunately, what you will find is that writing a book review as an academic assignment is quite different than writing a review to be read by people who are interested in knowing whether or not a book is entertaining and informative.

When you write a book review for an academic assignment, you are dealing with another thing entirely. First, you won't be reviewing the book for it's entertainment value. Instead, you will be reviewing the book to highlight one or more of the following:

  • The historical accuracy of the book
  • Whether or not the themes in the book worked and what they were
  • How the book compares to the author's other works
  • How well the author used the written language to make his or her points
  • How well the book stands up to others of that genre or that address the same subjects
  • Whether or not the characters were well developed
  • More

In addition to this, there is a good chance that the book you will be given to review isn't going to be something that you would pick out on your own. It will most likely be a book that is relevant to whatever subject you are studying.

If you do opt to write the book review, you are in for a long process. First, you will have to read the book multiple times taking notes. This is to ensure that you capture everything you need in order to write a great book review. If that doesn't sound like something that you are willing or able to accomplish, relax. At, we are happy to take on any book review assignment for you.

Book Review Writing Services

If you use our book review writing services, you will work with a talented writer, and you will receive the support of our great customer service team. Each book review that we write is completely original, and it is written according to your specifications. This isn't the case with many of our competitors where you will receive a book review that has been quickly written without any consideration for your needs, or worse you receive a book review that has been sold to multiple other students.

What we will do, upon receiving your order, is select the best qualified writer for your assignment. Once they receive the order and your instructions, they will begin writing your book review. Don't worry, you won't be left waiting and wondering how things are progressing. You and your writer will communicate directly with one another until the review is complete.

Once the review is finished, there is one more step. The document is sent to our quality assurance team where it is reviewed for quality, accuracy, and originality. It is only when we determine that the review is perfect that we contact you to review and download the finished product. Of course, if you see any issues with your book review, we will be happy to make any required revisions. Once you have downloaded the final product, you may use that document in anyway that you see fit.

About Our Book Review Writers

The individuals who write for are a bright and talented group of folks. They are all have college degrees, and most have advanced degrees. In addition to this, they go through a rigorous series of tests and training before they are given the opportunity to write for our clients. We do this so that we can ensure all of our customers that they will be working with talented and capable writers. Our tests include verifying the writer's grasp of the English language, and verifying that they can complete academic writing assignments, including research, in a short period of time.

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