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Posted: December 20, 2016 - to Education
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The Ten Things Students Should Focus On

During their time of living on campus many students are told to focus on different things. Their homework, making lots of new friends, and their performance levels in class are just a few examples. The list goes on and on, and nobody never seems to be told the same thing twice. However most of these focuses are merely based on the experiences of whomever is doling out advice. This makes this advice frequently useless as no two students should follow the exact same list of priorities. However there are a few things that all students should focus on no matter who they are.

1.Focus on Getting your Assignments in on Time: Not Just Your Grades
Focusing on your GPA and grades causes a lot more harm than good. It causes unnecessary stress which actually lowers your performance levels. Making you more likely to fail than succeed. Focus on simply getting your assignments finished and turned in on time. Your performance will actually be much better and your grades will be higher.

2.Prioritize Healthy Living and Eating
Make sure that overall you continue to live a happy and healthy life. If you were not doing this before now, there’s no better time than the present. Make sure that you are eating a decent amount of healthy foods, and are not spending so much money at fast food restaurants and convenience stores. If you are on medications make sure to always take them on time, and if you have allergies make sure that you are looking at the ingredients listed on the packaging of foods. Finally, be sure you know where your campus health center is located.

3.Keep in Touch With Family and Friends They Should Remain Important to You
When going to a new place that is filled with new experiences you might get the urge to ignore your family and friends back home. This is a horrible idea, simply because you should never try and sever your roots. Take at least 10 minutes of your day to call one of your parents, or one of your friends every day. However, don’t make the mistake of hyper focusing on your relationships back home. This can make you even more homesick.

4.Become the Best Version of You that You can Be
Everyone can improve themselves in one way or another, and sometimes the best place to do that is in a new environment. Take some time to focus on yourself and finding ways to grow academically, mentally, and emotionally. If you have any bad habits, now is the time to focus on getting rid of them. For example, if you procrastinate find ways to make yourself more productive.

5.Avoid Watching Television And Improve Your Productivity
While the occasional show is perfectly alright your main focus should be your studies. Avoid being around a television as much as possible. TV is distracting and can pull you away from your studies easily.

6.Remember to Communicate with Those Around You.
It’s the best way to ensure new friendships and that you understand what is going on around you. Talk to your new roommates and neighbors and make new friends. Talk with your teachers and advisors and find a way to help your performance in class.

7.Remember to Make Time for Yourself Away from Others
Being out in the world can be stressful and horribly draining to constantly be around new people, and often in a new place. It’s actually best for your own health if you keep to yourself a couple days of the month. Taking a day off allows you to recharge and you will end up being happier and healthier because of it.

8.Your Emotional Health Needs Focus Too

Stress, homesickness, depression, peer pressure, eating disorders; each of these can potentially impact your wellbeing. While you are focusing on pursuing interests and doing well in school, don’t lose site of your mental or emotional help. If you get overwhelmed, remember that there is no shame in asking for help.

9.Focus on Academics And Know Where to Get Help
Talk to faculty, talk to your friends, your teachers. You will never get the help you need if you do not actually talk to those around you. What should matter most is your ability to try and ensure that you will be completing this semester at the best of your abilities, and sometimes you won’t be able to do that unless you ask for help from the people around you.

10.Focus on Becoming More Assertive
Remember it’s always okay to say no, and it’s always okay to state you opinion. Do not let yourself become easy to walk all over just because you are in a new place, or just because you’ve always been shy. Remember that you are an individual with their own unique goals and interests.

Focus on your personal health and well-being, growing as a person, and meeting high academic standards, and your success as as college student is virtually guaranteed. Ignore these tips, and you are very likely to struggle.

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