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When you apply for a job, you want that resume and CV to actually be read by the individual making interview decisions. So, how do you stand out so you get read? In many cases it begins with a cover letter.

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Cover Letter – It’s Pretty Critical

When you apply for a job, you want that resume and CV to actually be read by the individual making interview decisions. So, how do you stand out so you get read? In many cases it begins with a cover letter.

Lots of candidates think that cover letters are inconsequential. So, they either have a generic letter that they send with every resume or CV; or, if they are sending their resumes digitally, many of them actually leave out the cover letter altogether. Still others craft a cover letter as an after-thought – just a quick little couple of paragraphs indicting interest in the position and telling the reader that the resume is attached.

What they need to understand is that cover letters are read – or at least scanned – before any eyes hit the resume. And if the cover letter is compelling and engages the reader right away, it is more likely that the resume or CV that follows will be read.

What a Good Cover Letter Contains

Every cover letter should be personalized for the organization to which it is being sent. Here are key components:

  • It must name the organization in the letter; it must also name the specific title of the position being applied for
  • It needs to include the keywords that are included in the position description that came with the job posting. A lot of companies have digital screening processes that look for those keywords before “sending” an application package forward to be read
  • The very first sentence should grab the reader’s attention. It should be short, simple and creative.
  • The cover letter should reflect enthusiasm and energy

Obviously, you can’t just use a traditional template and wording that every other candidate is using. You have to be unique. And in most instances, the person who can craft a great resume is not the same person who can craft a creative and engaging cover letter. These are two different types of writing styles. Understands Cover Letters

Our career document department has very specialized individuals. CV’s are very different from resumes; and an IT resume is very different from a financial services one. A truly good career search firm will have these specialization and we do. And a really good career search document production team will also have creative writers for those cover letter – individuals who, in addition to their creativity, take the time to do the research and to spend time getting to know the candidate. Here is what you can expect from your cover letter writer:

  1. The cover letter writer will receive copies of your resumes and CV’s – customized for each organization or type of organization to which you plan to apply
  2. The cover letter writer will speak with you directly to get a “feel” for who you are and how to best present you in that cover letter.
  3. The cover letter writer will research the specific organizations you have named, if any, and determine the “culture,” so that a cover letter may appeal to that culture.
  4. The cover letter writer will ensure that they important keywords are included in that letter.

When you get cover letters from Essay Republic, you will know that they will engage a reader from the very first sentence. They will present you as an exciting candidate and one whose resume or CV deserves a longer look than the 6 seconds that most of them receive.

We can craft amazing cover letters for you. Order just one today and let us show you what we can do.


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