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If you are looking for a career change and have begun circulating your CV with no result, it’s a sure sign it needs a remodel. CV formats and designs have changed a lot in recent years, and yours could have some issues.

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CV Editing – Maybe It’s Time

If you are looking for a career change and have begun circulating your CV with no result, it’s a sure sign it needs a remodel. CV formats and designs have changed a lot in recent years, and yours could have some issues. Typically, CV’s that are three or more years old should be reviewed by someone who has current expertise in their design. You may be eminently qualified for positions that are available, but your CV won’t get a second look due to any or all of the following issues:

  • The format may be outdated or incorrect – formats have changed and different organizations look for certain formats. You almost need a different CV for each organization
  • The descriptions you have written of your work, background, achievements, etc. may not be highlighting the right skills sets and experience. Again, each organization is different and you need a unique CV for each position.
  • You may be missing the important keywords that will get your CV past the initial digital screening that many organizations are now using.

Achieving the right Revisions – Your Options

  • You can certainly revise your own CV. But this will require some diligent research to understand the new formats and styles. As well, you will need to determine how to alter your presentations based upon the organization to which you are applying. You will need to highlight different parts of your history.
  • You ca review the CV’s of others you know who have successfully secured new positions. However, your CV’s may have to be different because you are applying for different types of positions or to different types of organizations.
  • You can access some CV template sites online and try to make our history “fit” into one of them.
  • You can use a private CV writing service that will craft unique CV’s for you. You have to be careful, however, because there are a lot of amateurs in this business who will try to pass themselves off as professionals. You may spend a good amount of money and have very poor quality in the end. has the Professionals You Need

Our resume and CV services are comprehensive in that we have professionals from all academic fields who have the most current training in applicant document design and writing. They come from a variety of career fields themselves, but all have the additional skill sets for resume and CV writing.

Each Client has Unique Needs and We Meet Them

Here is the process we use when anyone places an order for CV’s.

  1. We require that you provide your current CV and a listing of either the specific organizations or the types of organizations to which you intend to apply, as well as the specific positions for which you believe you are qualified.
  2. We analyze all of your information and locate an individual with the appropriate background for your career field. In the case of a CV, that will usually be a Ph.D. who has worked in your field and who has a solid history of creating CV’s in that field.
  3. Once your personal CV writer has been assigned, s/he will get directly in touch with you so that you may discuss the specifics of your need in greater detail.
  4. Dependent on the organizations to which you intend to apply or the specific positions that are currently open for which you wish to submit your CV, your writer will begin a full overhaul immediately. You may end up with a few different CV’s, each one geared to types of organizations – higher education, private or institutional research organizations, non-profits; government positions. All of these organizations usually prefer different formats. As well, the specifics of your experience will have to be prioritized based upon specific positions.
  5. You will be provided with draft revisions for approval. Nothing is finished until your approval has been gained. This is a major difference between and most other resume/CV writing services. They will simply shoot you your new document(s) and consider themselves finished. We are never finished until you are happy.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than

Once you see your draft CV’s, you will understand why Essay Republic has the reputation that it does. We use exceptional professionals with loads of experience who know what they are doing. You will have amazing CV’s that will get those interviews.

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