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When you apply for a certain job, you should attach a personal statement to your CV. Why? Statistics reveals that a well-written personal statement considerably increases the chances of obtaining the desired position.

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A Well-Written Personal Statement – The Key for a Successful Career

When you apply for a certain job, you should attach a personal statement to your CV. Why? Statistics reveals that a well-written personal statement considerably increases the chances of obtaining the desired position.

In fact, this paper will help you sell yourself, as it presents your achievements. This statement may reveal to the HR specialist or hiring manager the information you would provide to them in an interview, but they will see it right when they read your job application. This is definitely a huge advantage you should exploit.

Types of personal statement

Even though this type of paper sounds more tempting for a candidate who has a good professional experience, you should know that any person should have one.

The fact that you are a school leaver, for example, may not determine you not to attach a personal statement to your CV. Just think of how little information can your resume provide to your potential employer. Of course, not knowing enough about you and your skills – which may be exactly what they need for their company – will definitely lower your chances of having an interview. A school leaver's paper should highlight the skills obtained by the person during the school years, especially those that are suitable for the desired position. For this, you should read the job description before starting to compose your paper. Also, talk about your career goals and professional aspiration. If you have participated in any projects that are related to the job you have applied for, mention them and talk about how this experience prepared you for this position.

A graduate project is similar to that of a furute student, but it focuses on your higher education and what skills you have developed over the last years. Make sure you read the job description first and write all your skills that are required for it, as well as the knowledge you have in that particular field. Even though you have probably made a personal statement for your University application, this is a different story. You need to obtain a job now, and moreover, you have already acquired new knowledge and skills.

If you are unemployed, you shouldn’t omit this part, either. An unemployed wriitn should emphasize your achievements from your previous jobs, especially if you have worked in the same field as the one of the desired position. Highlight the positive aspects and also the skills you gained when working, and how you can contribute to a good functioning of the company.

A career break paper should include the reason why you have taken a career break, but not focus on this aspect. In fact, you should only mention it and then focus on your skills, experience, and achievements. Write about what you can do and if you have participated in projects or courses that are related to your career.

When writing a career change personal statement, include the skills that apply to the field you are moving into. Try to emphasize the aspects that led to your success in your previous career, and tell how you can use all your experience in the new field.

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