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Looking back, it’s hard to even remember when you first got that Bachelor’s degree and decided to go on for that Master’s. Then, that Master’s degree became a reality, and you knew that you were not finished yet. You wanted that Ph.D. and nothing would stop you.
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The Dissertation – You’re So Close Now

Looking back, it’s hard to even remember when you first got that Bachelor’s degree and decided to go on for that Master’s. Then, that Master’s degree became a reality, and you knew that you were not finished yet. You wanted that Ph.D. and nothing would stop you.

Now the coursework is over. You have a great GPA; you are ready to enter your career field and make a difference. Just one more hurdle – that dissertation. On one hand, you are ready to get going on it and get it over with. On the other hand, you know that the next 12-18 months of your life will be consumed by this project, and you are dreading the sheer amount of work that lies ahead.

You’ve Heard All of the Advice

Everyone has their advice to give you – set up a calendar for working on the dissertation; set aside a space in your apartment or home dedicated only to your project; research and/or write every day; eat right; get enough sleep, and so on ad nauseum. You just want the fastest, shortest route to completion, and only then will you be happy.


Perhaps you have heard stories of other doctoral candidates who insist that you can buy dissertation works in full from a number of online websites. You just submit a topic and, voila, that dissertation appears in your inbox one day, fully complete and ready to turn in. Really? You know better! You know that you have to sit down with your advisor, develop a solid research question, and go through an entire process during those months or production – a process that will involve meetings with that advisor, interaction with your dissertation committee, and a research project that will have to be localized – either taking place on campus or nearby. How will some writer located across the country or globe accomplish this? The answer is this: it can’t be done.

So if you find yourself tempted to buy a dissertation online, put that thought out of your head immediately. It will not be the scholarly piece you need, and it will not be well done. You will have to take charge of your own dissertation, and you will have to be smart about getting the outside help you need.

Getting the Right Help From Essay Republic

While you should not buy a dissertation outright from a writing service, you can, nevertheless, buy dissertation online assistance, if you know where to find that assistance – from a professional, reputable, and ethical writing service. You can certainly make your dissertation production much easier, but you want it done right, and that is why you want Essay Republic to help you.

Why Essay Republic is Different

Rather than just buy dissertations online and pay for something that cannot be used, Essay Republic has a system in place in which doctoral candidates can get as little or as much help as they need over a reasonable period of time, step-by-step, as the process for producing a dissertation is supposed to occur. Doctoral candidates who come to us will not simply put in an order for a dissertation and wait for it to be written by some unknown individual who is not qualified. No, they will receive a personally assigned consultant – someone with a Ph.D. in their field of research who has helped many others with their dissertations. Our clients work with their consultants through the entire process, so that the final product is exactly as it should be and will get that final committee approval.

What Custom Dissertation Assistance Looks Like

If you are to the point of beginning your dissertation, you know exactly what is in store. You have the guidelines from your department; you have an advisor; and you have selected a committee that must approve your proposal and that will come together at the end for your oral defense and final approval.

Now you are ready to begin. Perhaps you have not selected your research question yet – you only have the topic area that interests you. If you contact Essay Republic at this point, we can begin to help immediately. You can fill out an order form, but the best method is to contact our customer support department to have a solid discussion about your topic area and just what your needs will be. We can then find the right Ph.D. consultant for you and arrange for the two of you to discuss your needs further. With a project of this magnitude and importance, you will need to be fully involved from the very beginning.

  1. Your Research Question: If you have not yet determined your research question, your consultant can make a number of suggestions and help you formulate it well, so that you can take it to your advisor for approval.
  2. The Proposal: You know that the proposal must go before your committee for approval. And your department guidelines specify exactly what it must contain. Don’t take the risk of it being returned for revision. Let your consultant help you craft a proposal that will get that first-time approval.
  3. The Literature Review Chapter: this is really the start point, once your proposal is approved. You may have your methodology well in mind, including the instruments you wish to use. But until that lit review is completed, you really cannot confirm that the methodology you intend to use will get you the answers you are looking for and will not simply duplicate what someone else has done. The lit review will consume a lot of time, but it can be streamlined with a consultant pointing you in the right direction and assisting with some of the actual research and write-up.
  4. The Methodology: while you have to conduct the actual research yourself, your consultant is an invaluable resource in helping to make sure that your methodology is academically sound and your instruments valid.
  5. Your Results Chapter: Again, the data has to be organized and presented in both graphic and prose form. Having someone to help will be a major benefit. And the statistical analysis can be a major hurdle without some truly expert help.
  6. The Discussion/Conclusion Chapter: You are ready to answer your research question, discuss its significance and point future researchers in new directions. The organizational structure of this chapter is pretty critical, and it’s nice to have an expert to help.
  7. The Introduction: This you write last. The point of this chapter is to get your reader excited about what is to come without spoiling the work by revealing the results.
  8. And the Abstract: This, of course, is not a chapter, but a single page document that contains very specific information about your research. Its purpose is to inform future researchers who may want to use it in their lit reviews. Summarizing 12-18 months of hard work into a single page is not easy, but your consultant will have done this many times before.

Progressive Delivery

With a project this large, and with clients who need varying degrees of assistance we have a progressive delivery system. Each section or chapter that is finished for you will be delivered for your approval, before moving on to the next phase. Payment arrangements by chapters are also arranged, so your financial burden is eased somewhat.

This is how custom dissertation writing should occur. If you want this expertise and this type of reliable dissertation help, then you will only want Essay Republic.


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