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You have you research questions nailed; your adviser has approved. You are now on your way to producing that final project of your academic career – that dissertation. It’s a long process and will take you months. But you are excited and “ready to roll.”

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Writing a Dissertation Proposal that Gets Approved

You have you research questions nailed; your advisor has approved. You are now on your way to producing that final project of your academic career – that dissertation. It’s a long process and will take you months. But you are excited and “ready to roll.” The next step will be to write that proposal which must go to your committee and receive approval before you can move forward. It doesn’t seem like such a big thing to you. You have the departmental guidelines and you know what must be included.

What You May Not Realize

You, and a lot of others like your, may not realize it, but the proposal is the document most often sent by for revisions. For some reason, committee members seem to want to see some additions or some further clarifications on certain elements of that proposal. This can be frustrating for a student who just wants to get on with that dissertation.

You Can Get Some Help with that Proposal

For those of you who do not want to be revising that proposal, there is great help available at Essay Republic. We have a large staff of Ph.D.’s who assist doctoral students with their dissertations, beginning with that all-important proposal.

While the order and format may differ somewhat, all dissertation proposals will contain the same basic information.

  1. An Introduction: This usually presents your research question and, in some cases, a hypothesis. It is not a long section, but it must be written well, and the research question must be written in the scholarly styles required by your department. If you are at all concerned about the wording of your research question, a Ph.D. in your field from EssayRepublic.net can help you.
  2. Brief Summary of Your Initial Research: You need to explain what research you have read thus far that prompted you to develop the research question you have. You will need to show some basic understanding by summarizing this preliminary research. Again, this is not a lengthy part of your proposal. If you need help summarizing this research, you can get help from us.
  3. Your Methodology: This is the meatier portion of your proposal. Here, you will explain how you will go about conducting the research that you intend in order to answer your research question. What is your design? Will you use experimental and control groups, matched pairs, random samplings, etc.? Will your research be quantitative or qualitative? You must show that the methodology you have designed will in fact attack your question and answer it.
  4. What is the Objective of Your Research: Are you trying to validate earlier research in the same specific area? Are you trying to de-bunk earlier research? Or are you trying to add new knowledge to your field? This is the part of a proposal that usually provides the justification for the research you are proposing. This section can be a bit challenging, but if you have a Ph.D. consultant from Essay Republic, you can get the help you need to nail it.
  5. Constraints/Nuisance Factors: No research is perfect, and yours will not be either. You need to be honest and point out what factors may skew your research and how you plan to minimize and account for them. You may not even realize some of the constraints that you committee members may point out; however, having another “set of eyes” to review your methodology and objectives, will allow you to identify those issues and report on them in this section of your proposal.
  6. Timeline: Most committees want to see a timeline for completion. While it is not “carved in stone,” they do want to see that you have a plan for getting the project completed over the next 12-18 months.

The length of your proposal may be pre-determined by your department’s guidelines. If not, you should plan on the proposal being approximately 8-10 pages in length, or somewhere between two to three thousand words. You do not want to embellish too much or to include too much detail. The point is to state your research question, justify its importance, show that you have some preliminary knowledge in the area of your question, and explain exactly what you intend to do to answer that question.

Be aware as well that your proposal is a formal document. You must use scholarly language and style and perfect grammar and composition.

Help from EssayRepublic.net

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