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Your Master’s coursework is complete; now, all you have to do is write a thesis. You may be pretty anxious about this project; you may be dreading it; you may just wish you could rub a magic lantern and have one appear. Many online writing services would like you to think that they are like that genie in the lantern.

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Writing the Thesis – You must be Masterful

Your Master’s coursework is complete; now, all you have to do is write a thesis. You may be pretty anxious about this project; you may be dreading it; you may just wish you could rub a magic lantern and have one appear.

Many online writing services would like you to think that they are like that genie in the lantern. They promise that they can produce a Master’s thesis on any topic, in a very short amount of time, and that all you have to do is cough up enough money for it. And while it is tempting to believe that, you really know it can’t be done. You know this because you have to develop a research question and a hypothesis with your advisor. You have to come up with a thesis proposal that your advisor approves; and you have to follow the guidelines that have been set by your department, meet often with your advisor, and demonstrate that you are going through the entire process of producing that thesis.

Getting the Right Help from Essay Republic

Essay Republic gives help to Master’s candidates on a regular basis. But it does not simply answer your call to “Write my thesis,” the way other writing services often do. No, we provide help that is customized and personalized, so that the client is involved in every step of the process. Here is our process:

  1. You contact us at any point in your thesis writing, and we are able to step in immediately
  2. We provide a Ph.D. in your field of thesis research who will act as a consultant/researcher/writer for you, dependent upon the level of your need.
  3. You and your consultant communicate and collaborate, working together, so that you get the thesis you want and need.

Typical Thesis Help from Start to Finish

Let’s say you are at the beginning point of your thesis production. You have contacted us, and we have assigned your Ph.D. Here is the typical help you will get:

  1. The Thesis Proposal

You have a general topic area that is of interest, but you have yet to determine a research question and hypothesis. Your thesis writer can discuss options with you until you decide upon one that suits you well. Then, your consultant will help you prepare the formal proposal for your advisor, based upon the guidelines of your department.

  1. The Thesis Literature Review

Once your proposal has been approved by your advisor, your thesis may go in one of two directions. Some departments/institutions require that your thesis be an in-depth research project on a research question, without any original research on your part. If this is the case, then the literature review becomes the bulk of your thesis work, and you end with a discussion of this research and a conclusion that answers your question. Other institutions/department will require a literature review and then an original research project that you design and implement to answer your research question. In either case, a literature review is a critical piece of your thesis and must be completed in a scholarly way – using primary resources only that involve the research that others in your field have conducted. Your Essay Republic consultant can help in any number of ways. S/he can conduct the search for the most relevant literature and provide you with a list of the best source materials; s/he can review some or all of the literature for you and provide you with summaries; s/he can review the literature and compose that section of the thesis for you. The choice is always yours.

  1. The Methodology Section

If you are required to design and conduct original research, your consultant can assist in that design, so that it is academically sound and will really get to the research question you have posed. This will include determining whether the research will be qualitative or quantitative, whether random sampling or control/experimental groups will be used, what types of instruments will to gather the data, and how that data will be analyzed for significance. This is probably the most exciting part of a thesis, but it is also the most challenging. Having the expertise of a consultant from can make this challenge less difficult, to be sure.

  1. The Conclusion/Discussion Sections

Whether you are reporting on the research of others or your own, conclusions are important sections of a thesis. This is the section in which you answer your research question and prove or dis-prove your hypothesis. It will also help others who come after you with similar research in mind.

  1. The Abstract

Most departments will require an abstract, especially if your thesis is to be published, if only in their libraries. The abstract will provide a summary of your thesis with very specific elements, as required by the department. Because your consultant will be fully aware of the guidelines and requirements, the abstract will be perfectly written.

  1. The Thesis Introduction

While this is the first section of your thesis, it is usually the final section to be composed. Why? Because you have a much better perspective on all that you have accomplished after you have finished the project. An introduction, while not lengthy, is important, so that you can engage your reader and provide the motivation that make him/her want to read your entire work. Our consultants have vast experience with crafting exceptional introductions, and yours will be no exception.

Any Level of Thesis Help You Need

The great aspect of getting thesis help from Essay Republic is that you remain in charge of what we do for you. Unlike other services, we do not allow you to just say, “Write my thesis.” We need all of the detail; we need to know if you only need help with certain sections or the entire piece; we need to know the type of help you require for each section; and we need to know the level of involvement you want from us.


We guarantee several things to our clients:

  1. Our assistance will remain confidential – this is between you and us and between you and your consultant. No one else will ever be privy to your use of our thesis writing help.
  2. Every bit of writing that you receive will be custome and original, from scratch. You will never have to fear plagiarized content.
  3. Our pricing is reasonable and fully based upon the level of help you request.
  4. Progressive Delivery: You will receive drafts for approval of any research and/or writing your consultant produces. We will not move on until you are 100% happy with what has been provided at each step.

Essays Republic is a leader in providing help to graduate students with their capstone projects. When you use our thesis writing help, you will have the very best in the industry.

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