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Most job applicants know that they need an exceptional resume as they launch their job searches. But what happens when a potential employer wants a CV instead of a resume? Don’t panic.

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Most job applicants know that they need an exceptional resume as they launch their job searches. But what happens when a potential employer wants a CV instead of a resume? Don’t panic. A CV is often required for positions in the following areas:

  • Some government positions both in the U.S. and the UK
  • Positions in research, either public or private
  • Higher education teaching positions
  • Some management or executive positions with non-profit organizations

What is a CV

Like a resume, a CV is an accounting of your educational and work backgrounds; however, it focuses on much greater detail, especially when education and work relate directly to the position for which you are applying. As well, it focuses far more on accomplishments and achievements while in school (usually grad school) and in areas of research. It is different from a resume in other ways too:

  1. It is written in prose, using paragraphs rather than bulleted phrases
  2. It will be much longer than a resume – anywhere from 4 – 12 pages, dependent on how far along a candidate is in his/her career
  3. It focuses more on academic background and achievements while in academia

CV’s must include such things as detailed descriptions of research projects while in school, writing experience, publications, paper presentations to professional associations, any related activities and community involvement, and, finally references.

Getting Professional Help with CV’s

Most applicants who need CV’s as opposed to resumes seek some professional help, especially if they are not familiar with what should be included or if they have concerns about their scholarly writing abilities. While there is not absolute format for a CV, professional CV writers will know who to craft one based upon the position being applied for.

Essay Republic has a good-sized staff of CV writers who have been helping our clients with them for years. They spend a great of time discussing a client’s background with him/her and reviewing documents that the client uploads, in order to customize each CV for each specific position opportunity.

Personalized Service with

We are not a resume and CV mill” that simply churns out CV’s based upon a pre-determined template – this is what most such services do. Your CV writer here will take the time to craft a customized CV just for you. Here is how we do this:

  • You place an order for a CV with us
  • We assign a CV writer to your order
  • You and your writer discuss the positions for which you are applying
  • You supply all documents that you currently have – transcripts, awards, a resume if you have one, all of your prior work experience, and so forth
  • Your writer will probe for additional detail, so that nothing important is left out.
  • You will be supplied with and initial draft for review. If you are applying for quite different positions, you may need more than one CV. It is important that emphasis be placed on education and experience that relates to each position.
  • You will always have final right of approval or for making requests for revisions until you are satisfied. Your writer’s work is not complete until you have exactly what you want.

Our CV’s will reflect the highest standards for such documents in the industry. Contact us today if you need a CV – you will be thrilled with what we do for you.


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