TOP 12 Tools You Need To Create "Catch Up" Content For Your Startup

Posted: April 27, 2016 - to TipsBy: Dante
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10 Top Tools to Write Catchy Content

You are zooming along on the Internet and you stop, you are suddenly engaged in a story that has nothing to do with what you were initially searching for. If you are a writer, ask yourself, why did I stop? What is it about this content that caught my eye and made me spend time reading it, and possibly buying something?

You have just been attracted to what is called good content. When someone builds a house, a car, or anything, they need the correct tools. It’s no different with creating good content on the Internet. You need the right tools to help you become an engaging content creator.

As you will begin to see, some of these tools are under your own control. They will challenge your writing skills, and that’s okay as long as you don’t mind killing your little darlings sometimes.

  1. How is your home page set up?

You didn’t see that coming did you? Well this is where everyone lands and it can be the beast that bites you in your ass if it is not set up to keep your fans engaged. The main things that a home page should provide your readers with is what you can do to help them. These questions should meet your fans when they arrive.

  1. How can you help me with {the problem goes here}?
  2. What is it that you can offer me?
  3. How can you help me achieve___?

No one is going to stop at a page that bombards them with the word SALE! BUY! GET THIS NOW FOR LESS! Unless they are shopaholics and just go around buying up everything. However, if you engage your fans with content that is about what you can help them with, they will linger. Content should be simple and to the point. With that in mind KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. You now have your homepage, let’s get some writing tools.

  1. Theme Forest

You visit Theme Forest to glance around and you don’t want to leave. This site is great for finding eye catching themes for pages. The old plain white background is not doing it for many surfers anymore. They want pizazz, and get this, NO CODING!

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

There is nothing like a graphic to grip the eye of an Internet surfer. Today, Adobe products are extremely affordable. You can get all the apps with a low cost monthly subscription and design till your hearts content. And if you are a student your discount is even deeper! If you are new at designing, the Adobe membership comes with many tutorials on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and many more products to enhance your content creation.

  1. Video Hive

Put some movement in your page and make it jump with Video Hive. Some of the best content creators out there are here all in one site with low cost content that will punch up the graphic volume that you need.

  1. Pro Writing Aid

Never take it for granted that you don’t make mistakes or that you could use improvement with your writing. This tool is meant to make your life much easier. Try the free trial first and see how you like it. It comes with a ton of features that will enhance your writing skills that eventually you will want to add the full featured product to your arsenal. It plugs into your existing word processer with ease of use.

  1. Calendars/planners

This is a must have for anyone that writes content. You can time when updated content is delivered to your website so that your visitors are not faced with the same stuff over and over again. If this happens you are sure to lose your fan-base.

  1. Dictionary/Thesaurus

Yes! Get them both. Webster makes some really good ones that are combined. The paperback, not the online version, you never know when you may need it. You ever read the dictionary? Try it sometimes. Try just typing words from the dictionary as an exercise for better writing skills. You just might find some words you didn’t know were in there.

  1. Join writing sites/Collaboration

You are not alone in this world of writing. Get yourself a group of collaborators and add them to this box of tools. is one place to start. It is free sign up and you will learn from your peers as you share your content and find out what is working. You can also critique other’s writing, and you may walk away with some really good eye-catching ideas for your blog.

  1. Hire Writers

You don’t have the time to write an article today? Then hire out. There are professional content freelance writers waiting to take on your project. Just visit the link and type in what your needs are. You can also find free manuals, templates and more when visiting such sites. Take a look at how they are set up, this too is a form of educating yourself on how to develop your own platform. For a writer, hiring another writer to fulfill a task is normally a last resort, but that is why there are ghostwriters.

  1. A Network

This one is last because you always save the best for last. You need to know people to pull people to your site. Are you on Google plus yet? If not get over there and join their groups. Find your niche’ and drop off your web address in all of the places that allow you to spam. You are the only person that can pull people to your site. If you reach out they will come. Visit other sites as a guest blogger. Invite blog writers to visit your site as a guest blogger. Create a page dedicated to your product and invite members to join. Got free advice? Give it! Everyone loves a freebie.

You now have 10 tools to fill up your writing toolbox, and this is just the beginning for some of you. Keep gathering tools every day. More importantly, if you want to create kick-ass content that catches the eye of everyone that lands on your page, you have got to write every day. What are you waiting for? I am done here. Go write.

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