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Posted: August 30, 2016 - to Education
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Animal rights advocates, groups and organizations detest products and companies that perform experiments on animals. Online campaigns are ongoing, creating awareness and asking people to participate in condemning companies and stopping laboratories from performing animal testing. Companies manufacturing food, chemicals, drugs and cosmetics perform animal trials to test the effectiveness of their products before making them available for public consumption.

Most of the procedures are considered inhumane. They involve force-feeding animals with pesticides, drugs and other products. They make them inhale fumes to test its toxicity, perform other medical research on them, and let them die eventually after serving their purpose.

Millions of animals suffer and die in laboratories and even in classrooms every day. Dissection is also considered as cruelty especially when the animal was killed on purpose to see the results of experiments done when it was still alive.

Alternative solutions

With the emerging technologies, finding an alternative solution to animal testing does not seem far-fetched. According to PAWS, there are methods that do not need animal testing. The results can be seen faster, cheaper and more applicable to humans.

There is also a non-animal procedure available for students in place of dissecting real animals in the classroom. It is proven to provide more educational advantage, cheaper and more efficient.

Effects to Society

Animal experimentation at itself is cruel. Locking up another living thing in cells to later on perform painful procedures on them is just heartless. However, most animal experiments are legal and are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act.

People, especially young ones, think it is perfectly okay to test on animals because it is a legal common practice. Some even try to play scientists and execute experiments on poor animals themselves. This should be stopped, and legal actions should be taken against those who commit the act.

Nevertheless, people also understand that although millions of mice, rabbits, primates, and other animals involuntary surrendered their lives for science, we are able to acquire numerous benefits from gaining new knowledge from research and in the discovery of new cure to diseases.

How we can help

We do not need to burn down laboratories or trespass to break animals free, in order to save them. We can help end animal experimentations simply by being an active advocates of Animal Rights.

  • Support anti-animal cruelty campaigns. Sign petitions, and encourage other people to do the same.

  • Spread awareness about these activities and educate other people on ways they can help. Instill in the young the value of life and appreciation for animals.

  • Research which cosmetic companies test their products on animals, and do not support them. Do not buy their products and let other people become aware of it as well.

  • Help fund companies that conduct non-animal research.

  • Urge schools to stop dissections of real animals and opt to take the non-animal alternative instead.

  • Scientists, intellectuals and inventors should work on developing technologies that would allow non-animal testing and completely eliminate animal experimentation in the future.

Experimenting on animals is extremely unnecessary, especially when there are new scientific advances that allow people to test products without harming anyone, regardless of their species.

For that very reason, animal experimentation must end as soon as possible. By working together, people from all over the world can come together to support causes that save these creatures from the pain and torture they endure in chemical and cosmetic laboratories.

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