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A thesis introduction must answer certain questions, as any introduction must. What is the topic of the paper being presented What is the specific area of research What other research exists regarding this research issue What is the research question, the objective, and the hypothesis
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Thesis Introduction – Setting the Stage

A thesis introduction must answer certain questions, as any introduction must.

  1. What is the topic of the paper being presented
  2. What is the specific area of research
  3. What other research exists regarding this research issue
  4. What is the research question, the objective, and the hypothesis

There are other “staging” components that must be added to the introduction:

  1. Terms must be defined
  2. Methods must be introduced
  3. Provide enough general background but not too much
  4. Lay out the structure to follow
  5. Provide a justification for the importance of the research project.

Four Sections of an Introduction

Your thesis introduction should be divided into four distinct sections. These can be divided by headings if you wish. If not, be certain that you have good transitions between the sub-sections so that there is a good flow.

  • Section 1: Introduce the research field and the context within which the research is occurring. State your general and your specific topic areas. Why is this topic interesting or important?
  • Section 2: Provide a summary of the important and most relevant research that has gone before you. Who has conducted research in this topic and what have they found?
  • Section 3: Define your research question. What is the issue you believe needs resolution or an answer? In many instances, you will be presenting the existence of a gap in knowledge. It may be that not enough research exists regarding a particular question; it may be that you believe some research is not valid; and it may be that you have something new to add to your field, to fill a gap you have identified. It is also the time to present your hypothesis – what you believe you will find as a result of your research. Of course, you do not the actual conclusion that is reached. You need to stimulate interest.
  • Section 4: Introduce your specific research. Here you will explain the methodology you will be using to conduct your research and justify it as the best means for answering your question. Here, as well, the scope of the study should be addressed, along with any limitations and/or constraints.

Checklist for Your Introduction

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself after you have written your introduction. If it answers these questions, you have an introduction that “works.”

  1. What is the context of the problem you are addressing with your research question?
  2. Why is your research important, and who will benefit from the results of your research?
  3. What is the gap in knowledge that you will fill?
  4. What steps will you take to fill the gap? (your methodology)
  5. What is the scope of your research? If, for example, it is isolated to a specific geographic area, what say you about its transferability to similar populations elsewhere?
  6. Are there any limitations on your study? What are they and how will you attempt to account for them?

Seek Help Before You Become Overwhelmed

There are many things that can go wrong as you formulate your introduction. With all that must be included, you may experience issues of organizational structure, including too much detail that is better left for the section or chapter that relates to that detail, repeating yourself, or being too vague about the problem, gap, or research question and context. If you find yourself about to tear you hair out over your introduction, please keep your hair – you are too young to lose it. Instead, get in touch with Essays Republic, so that we can provide you with the perfect expert to craft your introduction. You will enjoy the following:

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  3. You will communicate directly with your writer, upload all that you have done so far. If your writer has questions or needs more clarification, s/he will contact you directly. Together, you will work until you have the introduction that meets all of the above components and answers all of the checklist questions.

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