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Almost every written academic task consists of a formal essay. Sometimes, this essay is only 500 words long, other times 2000 or even longer. Research papers, book reviews, literary analyzes and many other types of papers are, in fact, formal essays.

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Formal Essays – A Challenge for Every Student

Almost every written academic task consists of a formal essay. Sometimes, this essay is only 500 words long, other times 2000 or even longer. Research papers, book reviews, literary analyzes and many other types of papers are, in fact, formal essays.

Writing such a task definitely requires a lot of effort. This can be challenging, especially if the student aims for a good grade or he/she is afraid not to disappoint someone. As years pass by, the expectations are increasing, and they become harder to meet.

Problems encountered in writing a formal essay

First and foremost, any successful paper cannot be written without doing some proper research. This means that a student has to search for information related to his/her topic and study it. But before beginning your analysis, you may notice that you don’t have what to study. Finding relevant materials is a difficult task, especially because you cannot rely on the information on the Internet. Any formal essay has to be based on academic sources. Unfortunately, searching on several websites will rarely lead to finding this type of sources.

Another problem that students encounter in writing a formal essay is the long time they need for completing this task. As it requires quality research, you should know from the start that this will take you longer than writing the paper itself. In order to understand the topic better, just reading the information you have found is not enough. You need to study it, which means that you will have to read the sources at least twice, note down the main ideas, and compare them. Even though you have a certain opinion on the subject, you are supposed to debate, avoid studying only the articles that sustain that particular point of view.

The structure of this type of academic task is another challenge for a student. The thing is that such a paper does not have a particular form. In fact, the structure differs depending on the type of formal essay. This is quite demanding and, once again, it will require a lot of time. Moreover, you have to pay particular attention to the language you use. Imprecise phrases or colloquial language are a big no-no for a formal essay.

As you need to study materials that provide information pro and against your thesis, you also have to include them in your paper. Don’t present only your point of view or evidence that sustain a singular perspective. Also, you need to use strong transitions when providing arguments.

Formatting is another aspect you should not overlook when writing a formal essay. If your instructor has specified certain formatting rules, make sure you follow them.

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