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Did you know how important it is to post on your blog regularly? No matter if you have a personal blog or a business one, if you want to increase your page ranking, you need to post frequently and pay attention to the content of your articles.

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Increase Your Page Ranking Through Well-Written Blog Posts

Did you know how important it is to post on your blog regularly? No matter if you have a personal blog or a business one, if you want to increase your page ranking, you need to post frequently and pay attention to the content of your articles.

A blog can be specialized in a certain field or cover subjects from a larger spectrum. However, writing a successful blog post is not a simple task.  If you want to attract followers, there are a few mistakes you should avoid when writing it.

Mistakes you should avoid

  • One of the most common mistakes of those who post on blogs is that they write in a style that is too stiff. You don’t have to use the same language you use on a term paper because almost no one will enjoy reading your articles.
  • If you are writing for a business blog, you have to keep it formal, but don’t exaggerate. Most probably, you don’t write for your business partners, but for your customers or potential clients. Writing a post using a multitude of terms they do not understand will make the reading of the article too hard for them. Even if you are required to use some technical terms, try to explain them in simple words.
  • Another very common mistake regarding blog posts is choosing broad topics. A title that suggests that your topic is too large makes the reader believe that your article is either too long or superficial. And this is, in fact, the reality. You cannot cover a subject such as “how to be successful in business” in a reasonable number of words. If you don’t plan to write an e-book, you better be more precise when choosing your subject. Actually, even e-books have more specific titles.
  • Even though it sounds tempting, using the “copy-paste” method is a big no-no when it comes to blog posts. It may be easy, indeed, but this action will cost you much. Search engines, such as Google, cannot be fooled by an article that is plagiaristic. If you do this, you can be sure that search engines will downgrade your page ranking. Moreover, don’t underestimate your followers. They will realize if you use such blamable techniques.
  • Using any SEO strategy you learn about on the Internet is another mistake you should avoid. Many people consider that they can use any new approach they discover, but in fact, all these need to be customized. You have to pay attention at least to your niche and audience.
  • Unfortunately, many people do not edit their articles before posting them. A chaotic structure will discourage any reader from going through your article, not to mention that grammar or spelling mistakes count a lot for your followers. If you want to keep them close or to gain new ones, check your blog post first.

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